Who’s Writing Your Social Media Posts? Here are Our Best Tips

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Do you know what I realized this afternoon? 

I didn’t have my social media posts done for my business yet, and I ALWAYS do them on Thursday. 

Thankfully, tomorrow is another day, which gives me more time. But I couldn’t help but think how hard it is to find time to fit this important marketing piece into my day. 

I can imagine that it’s that way for almost every business owner. 

If social media has become a burden for you, no worries. I’m here to offer you my best tips for getting those posts done and posted. 

Tip #1: Make Your Posts Personal

Personal posts are the easiest ones to write, and they’re usually fun! For example, today is my dog Max’s birthday, so for the Snap Delivered Elmira/Horseheads/Corning Facebook page (my husband’s business), I shared a picture of Max and we wished him a Happy Birthday. 

That post has gotten quite a bit of engagement, whether it was on the original post or the ones that were shared from the original. 

People love personal posts too. They remind your audience that you’re a real person. 

Tip #2: Appeal to Your Audience

You want to post about the things that your audience is interested in, but there’s a delicate balance here. You don’t want to post the same types of things every day. 

Alternating between different types of posts is ideal. Here are some examples of what you might share: 

  • Current specials, sales, and deals 
  • Live videos
  • Industry-specific news
  • Links to your services
  • Funny Giphys 
  • Industry-specific memes

If you’re a B2B company, you can share the posts of your customers too. For example, let’s say you’re a printing company that does work for Elmira College. You can share their posts on your page or site. 

They’ll appreciate the extra exposure, and you’ve just checked something off your list of things to do. 

Tip #3: Schedule Everything Ahead of Time

For our clients, we work with Facebook Business Suite, which lets you schedule all of your social media posts as far ahead as you’d like. 

We put together our clients’ posts a week ahead of time, and then, of course, we make changes where we need to. 

This is a helpful approach because then you’re only spending a few hours on your social media every week. And you don’t have to feel tied to it every day, except to answer comments.

Tip #4: Hire a Professional to Manage Your Social Media for You

It’s a struggle for ANY business owner to stay on top of every marketing task on their to-do list. But as you know, social media is important, and it’s one of the top ways people find out about your business. 

At Colwell Creative Content, social media is one of our specialties, and we’re looking for more clients to work with in this area. 

If you’d like to get this task taken off your plate, contact us! We’d love to help you! 

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