What’s the Client Onboarding Process Like?

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If you’re a business owner in need of digital marketing services, you may have some nervous feelings about the process of getting started. 

Fortunately, we’re professionals at Colwell Creative Content, Inc., and there’s really nothing to fear. As the CEO of this agency, I’m here to let you know exactly what you can expect. 

The Interview

The first step is for us to get to know each other. We want to know as much about your business as possible so we can determine how to best serve you as our client. 

We never charge anything for our first consultation with potential clients. We know there is a chance that you might decide we’re not a good fit, and that’s OK! 

During the interview, we’ll give you some ideas about what you can do to improve your business visibility online. We might recommend several options, like: 

  • Implementing SEO on your site.
  • Improving your site’s content, or adding additional content. 
  • Upping your social media game
  • Starting an email newsletter for your customers. 

All of our suggestions will be tailored to your needs based on what others in your industry are doing. And if you decide not to work with us, at the very least, you’ll have a solid idea of what you should be doing going forward. 

The Estimate

After the interview, we’ll sit down and take a look at our notes. We’ll break each part of your digital marketing project down into actionable steps and deliverables. 

You’ll receive an estimate that explains everything we recommend and how much the service costs. There are no hidden costs here. Most of our estimates include our recommendations for what should/can be done now, and what you might consider doing in the future. 

We’ll send you the estimate, and you’re free to choose the services you want to implement now. Once we know exactly how you want us to proceed, we’ll ask for a 50% deposit. When we receive that payment, we’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

Team Introductions

We love to introduce our clients to the writers, website designers, and other professionals they’ll be working with. Your project will be assigned to a project manager, and they will be your go-to for everything you need. 

We keep our project managers’ workloads small because you are NEVER just a number to us. Your business matters and it deserves our attention. 

Getting Started on Your Project

As we get started on your project, we may have a lot of questions. Our goal is not to bug you, but to make sure we’re using our time effectively to keep your costs as low as possible. 

We don’t want to be just another company providing you with a service. We want to partner with you to help you grow your business. Our team works quickly so you won’t have to wait long to see your final results. 

Your Satisfaction Matters!

Inevitably, we may send you something you’re not 100% thrilled with. That’s OK! And it’s totally a part of the process. Usually, one revision is all that’s needed, and we’re focused on getting it right so you’re happy with everything we produce. 

The best part is that as you continue to partner with us, we get to know your style even better. We’re always focused on improving so that in no time at all, you hardly even have to review our work. That’s how we know we’ve been successful. 

Contact Us About a Tailored Digital Marketing Plan for Your Business!

At Colwell Creative Content, Inc., nothing matters more to us than helping our clients grow their businesses. If you’ve been thinking about updating your website’s design or getting more active on social media, we can help! 

Contact us today and we’ll schedule a consultation! Let’s Grow Your Business Together!

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