What Makes Online Marketing the Best Option for Your Business?

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Let’s face it – there are lots of ways to market your business. But not all of them are beneficial, nor are they going to help you increase your customer base and sales. 

Still, at Colwell Creative Content, we believe that as a business owner, you should know your options, so let’s dive right in!

Create and Verify Your Google Business Profile

Most people are turning to Google for the products and services they need locally. But if your business does not have a presence there, you could be losing out on some major business. 

Your Google Business Profile is actually the phrase Google uses for your listing with them. This is what allows your company to show up on map search results and in the local search results section. 

You can easily have your business listed on Google, but you also have to verify it. This typically involves following the instructions that are mailed to you on a postcard from Google.

Get a Website

Social media marketing has become extremely popular, and some people believe that if they have a solid presence on sites like Facebook and Instagram, they don’t need a separate website

That’s not the case. 

While there are still people who will find you on social media, the vast majority are still turning to search engines to get what they need. 

You want to make sure your business is there when they Google products or services they’re looking for in your area. 

Make Sure Your Website is SEO-Friendly

Having a website is good, but your site also has to be tweaked (for lack of a better term) so that it utilizes the right keywords. This is called search engine optimization, and without it, your website could get pushed way down in the rankings. 

An SEO expert can help you by identifying your keywords and using them appropriately in your website content. 

Start Blogging for Your Business

You have a lot of expertise, right? Why not showcase it to the world!

Your website should be equipped with a business blog so that you can utilize it to demonstrate why people should do business with your company. 

You can use the blog posts you write to share on social media. That gives you more content in two places, which Google loves. 

Speaking of social media…

Make Facebook a Priority

Today, Facebook is used for a lot more than just cute cat pictures and news. People often look to it to get information about businesses and what they have to offer. 

Most of your potential and current customers are on Facebook, and you can use that to your advantage. 

The social media site is a great place to: 

  • Let people know about any specials you’re running.
  • Interact with your customers about their experiences with your business. 
  • Share funny memes to get people engaged and interested in what you have to offer. 

At Colwell Creative Content, we can help you with all of the above and a whole lot more. We utilize a team of professional writers to create original content for business websites, and we’re always looking to grow. 

Are your marketing tactics no longer working for you? We can help! Contact us today. 

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