What is a Content Manager (and 3 Reasons You Need One)?

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According to HubSpot, “Content managers build a company’s content strategy, create targeted and relevant content, and distribute marketing communications to audiences online.” 

If your business plans to have any type of internet presence, it’s a good idea to have a content manager in place. 

It may seem tempting to put out any type of content that seems interesting to you, but there is great value in working with someone who will study your target audience and do all the behind-the-scenes work that will make your content and your site perform well. 

There are a lot of reasons why having a content manager is a solid idea. Let’s talk about 3 of them. 

Reason #1: Content Managers Provide the SEO Services You Need 

The days are gone when SEO meant just making sure the right keywords appear on your website. Today, search engine optimization is an absolute necessity, but it’s an intricate process that requires expertise and a working knowledge of Google. 

And Google is always changing. 

Your content manager should know how to use tools like Ahrefs and Moz to create an SEO strategy that challenges your competition. They should take time to: 

  • Research the right keywords for your business. 
  • Research your competition to find out what they’re doing to help them rank. 
  • Devise a strategy to do even better than your competitors’ sites so you can outrank them. 
  • Get backlinks to your site, which will help with your site’s authority and rank. 
  • Make sure the backend of your website is set up correctly, including the right title tags and meta-descriptions for every page. 

Most of the work content managers do is work that the average business owner doesn’t understand. And that’s OK! You’re busy enough running your own business. 

It helps to know you have someone who does understand and can make sure that your website investment is one that pays off

Reason #2: You Need Content Created the Right Way

You might have a stellar writer (or writers) that write content for your business website. But if they don’t understand organic SEO, the content you publish on your site probably won’t help you much. 

In some cases, it can even hurt your business. 

The best content managers will be willing to work with you in one of two ways: 

  1. They’ll work with your writers. When you hire a content manager, they’ll get to know your writers, learn their strengths, and familiarize themselves with what they do best. They’ll have no problem teaching them organic SEO best practices and giving them instruction on everything from how many times to use a certain keyword, to how to incorporate links and anchor text into their content. 
  2. They’ll have their own writers to utilize for your content. Their writers will already be well-versed in writing for the internet, and with some instruction from the content manager, you’ll get professionally written and optimized content that will help your site rank. 

Reason #3: A Content Manager Will Help Build Your Brand

You’re not just running a business; you’re building your brand. Depending on where your focus is, that could mean a lot of things, like: 

  • Creating a logo that will help people recognize your business at a quick glance. 
  • Writing blog posts that capture your target audience’s attention and perform well on Google. 
  • Writing and building informative web pages that present you as an authority in your field and inform your readers. 
  • Finding ways for your business to guest post on another company’s blog so that you can get a backlink. 
  • Creating your social media identity, which might involve everything from keeping your Facebook page updated to producing quality TikToks or Reels. 

Do You Need a Content Manager? We Can Help

If you’re in need of a content manager, Colwell Creative Content is here to help. We do all of the above, and we offer additional services, such as:

  • Press release writing
  • Email marketing
  • Website design

When we manage your content, we’re really managing your marketing strategy. And the reality is that every business is different. 

It’s our job to determine the best ways to market your business and then create a plan of attack. 

If you’ve been struggling to rank, or your social media presence needs help, please contact us today. Content management might just change everything for you. 

Let’s Grow Your Business Together! 

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