What are the Four Types of Digital Marketing?

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Without a vision, no business can thrive. Entrepreneurs must have a passion-inspired drive. Business success is a multi-fold process. Growth comes by first creating a great product. Then, choose a strong employee base that carries your vision forward.

And, wherever there is any type of business, there is a need to get the attention of the customer base perfect for you. In today’s age, the best marketing is online in varying but equally stylish capacities.

At Colwell Creative Content, our goal is to help you communicate. Sometimes that means navigating the most effective means of communication available. Today, let’s explore four digital marketing avenues we can use to help you thrive. Let’s look at the best ways to present your business’ vision to an internet-wide audience base.

Content Marketing

A sound marketing strategy will include a variety of means for communicating. This can include blog posts, ebooks, infographics, or even audio content. Whatever form you put your message out, the content is what’s important.

Your business should maintain a digital marketing target of:

  1. Building Your Brand: Creating awareness of who and what you stand for is the very definition of brand building. This is a huge component of digital marketing, so don’t overlook it.
  2. Building New Connections: Putting your vision out for the world to see is a beginning step in marketing. Next, it’s important to establish connections. By showing customers what you stand for and providing a quality service, you build confidence.
  3. Building Up Relationships: Once you have an audience that knows what you stand for, staying connected is key. This is done by building relationships with your audience that are built on trust. Use your content marketing as a means to unending customer connections.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a process that can seem mysterious. The truth is, it’s a straightforward method for shining a spotlight on your business.

Through the use of keyword placement, the internet’s search engines rank websites. This increases visibility, making your business more accessible to potential customers.

To be in the ranking, you must first have an effective website. At Colwell Creative Content, we know that this will include such elements as: 

  • Content that draws in customers
  • Design that simplifies site exploration
  • Technical aspects that keep the website running

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

Another option to help business owners advance their marketing strategy is SEM. Search Engine Marketing is the practice of placing ads on a search engine page. The desired goal is to appeal to customers and invite them to look around at your website.

Google Ads and Bing Ads are two of the most common options for such ad placements. Ads like this are paid typically per click.  Once placed, SEM can increase your website traffic almost instantly. They can draw in customers who may not have otherwise known of your brand.

SMM: Social Media Marketing

It’s hard to imagine a world before there was social media. Now, though, so much of our day seems to revolve around what is being done or said on this or that site. And this is where Social Media Marketing can come into play.

From a digital marketing perspective, social media is a golden opportunity for growth. A ready-made audience in place means that you can sculpt your marketing to match the platform you’re on. Our team excels in understanding the voice and vibe of the varying sites. Let us help you execute a strategy that keeps you relevant on every social media platform.

Contact Us to Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Colwell Creative Content believes in helping people communicate their visions. We understand digital marketing. We have experience helping our clients spotlight what makes their brand amazing. And we want to do the same for you today.

If you are ready to take your digital marketing strategy to the next level, contact us today. We are ready to take your business on the walk toward thriving.

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