Website Content Dos and Don’ts for Your Business

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A lot of businesses just don’t have the budgets to hire website content writers for their sites (though it’s not as expensive as you may think), and that’s OK! 

For this week’s blog post, we’re here to offer some helpful tips if you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer. Today, we’re going to talk about some website content dos and don’ts that you’ll want to keep in mind as you work on creating content for your business website. 

Website Content Dos and Don’ts


Some research. Depending on what business you’re in, you may be able to get some great stats to add to your blog posts that will add authority to what you’re saying. 

For example, did you know that according to HubSpot, shorter articles (less than 3,000 words) generate the best search engine results right now? 

See what we did there? 


Make your entire website a review of what’s on your homepage. That gets boring and repetitive really quickly, and it’s not what people want to read. 

It’ll take some brainstorming, but put yourself in your customers’ positions. If you were looking for the products and services your business offers, what content would you find most informative and helpful? 


Use your keywords wisely. You can probably figure out most of your keywords by simply guessing. But if you need a little help with this, we recommend using some of the free tools Google offers for this exact purpose. 

There’s a fine line between spamming your keywords in your content and using them naturally. Speaking of which…


Spam your keywords. They have to be woven into the content the right way in order to be effective. In the “old days,” businesses would just write whatever they wanted to write on their sites and then they would list their keywords at the bottom of the page. 

Don’t do that. Ever. Under any circumstances. 

In the beginning, it was fine. Google wasn’t very smart yet. But a lot has changed since 1997. We have to do better. 

If you write with your keywords in mind, they’ll come out naturally in the text. Put your top keyword in your main header (you’ll call it the title, but to the pros, it’s called a Heading 1), and include some well-chosen keywords in the article’s other headers. 

If you do that, you’ll do well. 


Update your site often. Weekly, if you can. Of course, you can’t just change all the static pages on your site all the time. That doesn’t make any sense. 

In fact, that’s what your blog is for. 

We recommend planning out weekly blog posts ahead of time so you always know what you’re going to be writing about. You may want to keep holidays and special occasions in mind, in case you want to mention them in your blog. 

One of the secrets to ranking is to show Google that your site is active and engaging. If you blog regularly, it will do just that. 


Set it and forget it. We understand that feeling of accomplishment you get when you finally finish your website. It feels great! But the work isn’t done if you want to remain relevant online. 

You may even want to take some time and think about some additional pages you might add to your website. It takes time, but it’s kind of like eating an elephant. How do you do it? 

One bite at a time. 

For inspiration, check out the Colwell Creative Content, Inc. website to see what we’ve been working on. We’ve added service pages, industry pages, and soon, we’ll be working on city pages to expand our reach. 

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