Unleash the Power of Post-Black Friday Marketing

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At Colwell Creative Content, Inc., we hope you and your employees enjoyed an awesome Thanksgiving meal yesterday. 

Now that Black Friday is here, it’s time to focus your sights on boosting sales over the next few weeks. 

After all, the Holiday Season is upon us in full force!

Even if you haven’t had much time to focus on your digital marketing efforts yet, you can still see sales increases from now through the end of the year. 

Let’s talk about how. 

Spruce Up Your Offerings

You could be doing everything right with your marketing, but if people don’t want what you’re selling, you’re just throwing your money away. 

Take a look at your sales reports for the last few months. What products or services are people most interested in? 

Once you figure out what they are, see if you can slash the prices just a bit for the holidays. 

A lot of folks will end up spending even more with your business if they can get a great deal on just one item. So choose the items that have traditionally been in the highest demand. 

And speaking of high demand…

Employ a Bit of Scarcity

I might be dating myself a bit, but I remember the days (before online shopping was a thing) when parents would wait outside stores for HOURS just to get their hands on the season’s most popular toys.

Scarcity is still a big concern this time of year, and even though what you’re offering might not technically be “scarce,” you can make it that way

For example, let’s say you offer a service like professional office cleaning. Why not offer a crazy deal like, 40% off the first 2 months of services for the first 5 people to sign contracts? 

Try to think outside the box and send out some limited-time offers that will get people’s attention. 

And once you nab those new clients or customers with your spectacular deal, they’re likely to become clients or customers for a very long time. 

Don’t Forget the Tried-and-Trues

When it comes to the holidays, there are a lot of tried-and-true marketing tactics that have always worked well. 

  • Gift cards – Everyone has someone on their list who is a problem to buy for. If your business doesn’t currently offer gift cards or certificates, this is a great time to implement them. Gift certificates can be made on your office computer and ready for sale the same day. 
  • Layaway – In this day and age of cashless sales, a lot of retail stores have allowed layaway to go the way of the dodo bird. But there was a lot of value for customers when it was widely available. Considering we’re pretty much in a recession, you might make more money on your sales by bringing it back. You can even add a small layaway fee to boost your numbers a bit. But this option makes shopping for presents so much more affordable for a lot of customers. 
  • Direct mail – Depending on your industry, direct mail could be an excellent solution to get some more customers in the door or to your website. It could also be a cost-effective way to stretch your marketing dollars as far as they can go as you end the fourth quarter of the year. An attractive postcard with a QR code that leads people to your website might be just what you need to increase sales. 

Contact Us for Help! 

Just because it’s Black Friday already, that doesn’t mean you can’t do everything in your power to market your business well this Holiday Season. 

It’s not too late! 

If you need help with coming up with some ideas or you’d like to explore a short-term holiday marketing strategy, we’re here to help. 

Contact us today! 

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