Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Small Business Search Engine Rank

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You’ve done everything they said you should do. You started a business, you set up your website, and you’ve even got some killer content. But when you go to Google your services, you’re finding that your site isn’t ranking like you thought it would. Now you feel stuck, and you’re not sure where to go from here.

Without a professional’s help, it can be nearly impossible to rank well on today’s Google search engine. Search engine optimization is always changing, and it pays to work with someone who knows how to change with it. Let’s talk about three ways you can improve your rankings.

You Have to Optimize for Your Local Area

If you own a small business, you rely on local customers. But if your website doesn’t reflect that, there’s no way they’ll find you through the Internet. Optimizing your website for your local area is the key.

To do that, the experts suggest that it’s best to create specific local landing pages for your site – one for each city. That might seem like a lot of work, but it’s work that will pay off in the end.

Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

Now more than ever, most people are searching for what they need via their cell phones. They pull out the phones, speak a few words to Google, and check out their results. If they choose your business, and it’s not optimized for their mobile devices, they will click away.

It’s not hard to optimize for mobile, but it’s best to have a professional help you with this. That way you can make sure it’s done correctly.

Take a Critical Look at Your Website Design

When is the last time you took a step back and really looked at your website through the eyes of someone who is seeing it for the first time? This isn’t something that a lot of business owners do, mostly because they’re busy running their companies. But if you do this, you may find that your website is just a bit more complicated and harder to navigate than you thought.

Google loves simple designs that make it easy for people to navigate them. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your content stands out among your competitors’ content. But the layout and design should be simple and pleasing to the eye.

Working With an SEO Expert and Content Writer

An SEO expert can tell you exactly where your website needs to be improved. At Colwell Creative Content, that’s what we do. Our goal is to make sure you can reach as many people as possible, and we help businesses rank high.

Does your website need some tweaking? Would you like to talk with a professional who can offer you some guidance? Please contact us.

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