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If you’re looking for a sales copywriter, Colwell Creative Content, Inc. has you covered.

We offer sales copywriting services with a proven track record of converting website visitors into customers.

Our writing team receives extensive coaching on how to write good sales copy to meet their needs.

And they’ve become proficient in knowing how to grab a reader’s attention so our clients increase their sales.

Which Industries Need Sales Copy?

Every industry needs copywriters! But here’s an idea of what you can expect when you work with us:    
  • Are you bringing a new product to market? Our sales copywriters will create homepage text that will demonstrate why your product is different. 
  • Are you a photographer hoping to increase your client base? Using sales copy on a paid Facebook ad will help you book more appointments. 
  • Do you have an addiction treatment program with a patient census that is lower than normal? Consider converting some of your resource pages to sales pages and watch more people contact you for recovery help.

What Goes Into Creating Great Sales Copy?

There are a lot of components that make sales letters – or any type of sales copy – really shine. 

An Attention-Grabbing Headline

Imagine you come across a sales page for a new weight loss supplement. The headline reads: 

Tired of Weight Loss Programs That Don’t Work? Here’s One That Does!

It doesn’t look too bad at first glance. But it doesn’t really inspire you to click or read it through. 

Then you come across another sales page for a similar supplement that has a headline that reads: 

Need to Lose 61 Pounds? Learn Julie’s Little-Known Secret to Weight Loss

Do you see the difference? 

61 is such an odd number, and because of that, Julie probably really lost that much weight. 

Also, Julie has a little-known secret to weight loss that’s helping her have success. 

I need to know what it is! 

If your sales copy includes the right headline, you’ll get people to read it. 

The headline is one of the most important parts of sales copy. 

Short Sentences and Paragraphs

The goal of sales copy is to get people to continue reading it so they get to the pitch. Short sentences and paragraphs are what get them to move on down the page and keep learning about what you have to offer. Here’s the thing… People don’t like long paragraphs.  They’re boring. They’re already thinking about something else by the time they finish the first one. Your sales copy should (for lack of a better term) “punch people in the face” with short sentences. 

Some Awesome Stories

Stories are relatable and people love to read a good tale of success. If we go back to our second headline from above, you’re already invested in Julie’s secret. You’re dying to know how she lost 61 pounds so you can do the same thing. The sales copy would include Julie’s story so you could follow her journey. Your readers will see themselves in Julie as they read…as long as the copy is written that way. 

Calls to Action (CTAs) 

One of the most important parts of your sales copy is the CTA. If you’ve always relied on blog posts to get the word out about what you have to offer, they may not include CTAs. Not all blog posts do. Depending on what your product or service is, you may want to include several CTAs throughout the page. At Colwell Creative Content, Inc., we have no problem asking for the sale. In fact, we’re great at CTAs. Here’s a bad one:  Want to know more? Contact us! This is fine for a blog post. But it doesn’t really get the job done for sales copy.  How about this instead? If you’re reading this, you’re one of the first to get their hands on this new weight loss supplement.  But we can’t keep this great deal quiet for much longer.  Click here to get yours now!  See the difference?

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