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Whether or not you get your next job is completely dependent upon your resume.

That’s why we now offer resume and cover letter writing services designed to increase your chances of getting an interview.

Like it or not, a lot has changed about job searching since even just a few years ago. Gone are the days when you could walk into a business, fill out an application, get an interview, and get hired on the spot.

Well, for the most part, anywhere. There may still be a few companies that operate this way.

But most hiring activities are completely done online, and because of that, you need a professional resume and cover letter that position you to compete with other job seekers.

What are Today’s Resume Requirements?

For starters, every resume you submit to a potential employer must be ATS-optimized.

ATS stands for Applicant Tracking System. This is the software your resume must pass through before a human ever sees it.

And if it doesn’t meet their requirements, it’ll get tossed aside.

Failing to optimize their resumes for ATS is the number 1 reason why people have such a hard time getting a job today.

But how do you optimize your resume for ATS? Great question.

Formatting Requirements

We love a beautifully designed resume that’s visually appealing to the eye.

But that type of resume is likely to end up in the digital circular file (trash).

ATS requires minimal formatting with simple fonts that are easy to read.

There are a few other things that should also be left out too, including:
Pictures, Icons, Links and Buttons.

Simple is best for ATS, and we have lots of experience writing resumes that make it through the system.


he ATS is also searching resumes for the right keywords.

This means that your resume needs to be adjusted for every job you apply to. It’s vital to include:

A header that matches the job title you’re applying for.
Skills you possess that are included in the job description.
Educational information that matches what’s in the job description.

Without these, your resume may never make it to the hiring manager’s desk.

What About Your Cover Letter?

The good news is that many employers don’t require cover letters anymore. A lot of recruiters never ask for them either.

But it’s still a good idea to have one on hand that showcases your accomplishments, just in case.

A great cover letter should be one page, easy to read, and include as many statistics and numbers as possible.

Entry-Level or Executive Resumes and Cover Letters - We Do It All!

At Colwell Creative, we’re experienced in writing resumes and cover letters for every type of job out there.

Whether you’re a medical doctor, a C-level executive, or you want to get your very first job, we’ve written winning resumes and cover letters for people in your position.

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