Promoting Your Business with TikTok Might Just Be Lowkey Genius

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For as long as businesses have existed, there are key truths that have never changed. Take care of the customers. Provide a quality product at a fair price. Manage the company money. And always show integrity in every manner of conduct. Following these principles will enable business owners to build a strong foundation for success.

Equally as important? That every entrepreneur understands the need for keeping a finger on the pulse of what is current yet never loses sight of future possibilities. Frequently, this translates into marketing aimed in the right direction, toward a customer base that will best appreciate the product being sold.

In today’s world, using social media to your advantage is a savvy business-promoting decision. One of the newer platforms for doing this, TikTok, is proving a valuable tool for anyone hoping to push their company to another level of success. At Colwell Creative Content, we are committed to helping you navigate every avenue to market your business to the right crowd.

How TikTok Can Work for You

With a corporate mission dedicated to inspiring creativity and bringing joy, TikTok touts itself as the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Often viewed merely as a place for dances and lip-sync videos, the truth is the platform is expanding into so much more.

Businesses who understand this site will be inspired to creatively market to the range of people who can be reached through TikTok. There are specific strategies that can help you promote the business you work so hard to grow.

Be Authentic

First and foremost, it’s noteworthy that the TikTok community responds best to people who don’t put on a front. The more authentic a person is, the more liked they seem to become.

Of course, this means that the way you market your product must also maintain that same level of authenticity. Who you are as a person, what your business stands for, and how you interact with your customers must all come across in your TikTok videos.

Our team at Colwell Creative Content can help you achieve this goal and move you forward as your business grows. Expressing your true self is something we would be thrilled to help you accomplish.

Get Connected

It is said that it isn’t what you know, but rather who you know that determines your level of success. In the TikTok universe, this translates into such things as:

  • Branding: Having your brand attached to your channel lends credibility to your message and can make all of the difference in how you are perceived. Do more than just slap the company logo in a ‘your name here’ style; instead, make your brand front and center in everything you create.
  • Influencers: Connect your brand channel with other, already established influencers. In this way, a business can spread its message further, reach a larger market, and also let its audience know that they are joined by people who are relevant to the current culture.
  • Followers: Establishing a core TikTok following should be a priority in every business’ ‘to do’ list. Knowing that you have followers who not only understand but support your company’s mission is the kind of motivation to spur you on to higher levels of success.

Hashtag Challenges

In brick-and-mortar businesses, owners often have contests and promotions to draw attention to specific products, services, and other aspects of their company. This has been the way of businesses for years.

On TikTok, starting a hashtag challenge is a similar way of spotlighting important information you want your audience to know. Followers who engage in these challenges not only stop in to see what you are saying but will also share your information with their followers (and they with theirs, and so on). Shares lead to views. Views lead to sales. Sales lead to business growth. 

So, go ahead and get your hashtags ready. #WeDareYou

Looking Toward the Future

As a smart business owner, you already have your eyes set on the future. Understanding the heartbeat of social media and learning ways to fit your brand into relevant platforms like TikTok is just one way that you are driving your company to success.

If you are ready, our team here at Colwell Creative Content is here for you. We understand what it takes to thrive in this current market. We have the tools it takes to move you forward. And we are ready to help you in your journey.

Contact us today and let’s see what our collaboration will look like.

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