Professional Editing Services

Do you have a rough draft that needs polishing before you can publish it?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to publish a book, and you’re almost there, but you need some help to get across the finish line. 

Colwell Creative offers professional editing services to make your book a reality!

...because the world needs to hear your story.

Our Professional Editing Services

Did you know that even the most prominent authors in the world rely on professional editing before their books ever get released? 

At Colwell Creative, we have a keen eye for mistakes and plot holes. 

That’s why we offer two types of editing services to ensure our authors receive exactly what they need to complete their manuscripts and prepare them for publishing – content editing and line editing.

What is Content Editing?

Content editing involves reading through your entire book to look for plot holes, phrases that don’t make sense to the reader, or that seem out of place, and inconsistencies to the story, setting, or characters. 

It’s so easy for authors to overlook the minor details once they’ve been working on a book for a while. 

But our editors can easily spot any issues the reader might point out that could result in loss of sales. 

That way, those issues can be corrected before the book is ever released. 

What is Line Editing?

Line editing involves combing through your book and looking for any grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes. 

We’re meticulous in our line editing services, and on top of using the latest editing and grammar tools, we manually read through your book to ensure every comma, capital letter, and word is as it should be. 

When we’re finished, you’ll have a polished draft that ready for publication. 

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