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Meet the Creative Team

John Onorato

John Onorato - Content Writer

John Onorato (pronounced just like it looks: aw-noh-RAH-toe) has been working with writing-challenged clients since 2013.  He writes content, edits articles, and provides ghostwriting services for the conscious business community.  His technical and IT background enables him to write technical and B2B articles as well!  John can easily digest vast amounts of information and distill it all into a coherent narrative.  When not doing that, he can be found writing poetry or stories, watching movies, or playing with his dogs (who will, by the way, end up saving the world someday.  Dogs, that is, in general).  John especially loves writing blog articles in which he has some creative latitude.

Hannah Estrella

Hannah Estrella - Content Writer

Hannah is pretty new to the field of professional writing. She has a strong passion for the written word and enjoys

making complicated ideas easy to understand. Hannah resides in Eugene, Oregon as a student at Oregon State University where she is pursuing her English Degree to become a better writer. She loves movies, books, new restaurants, and traveling to new places. She lives with her husband and two dogs.

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