Meet the CEO of Colwell Creative Content, Inc.

A selfie of the CEO of Colwell Creative Content.

At Colwell Creative Content, Inc. projects run smoothly and are well organized. This is all thanks to our CEO, Nicole Colwell, who set the agency up for success after being pushed down many times.

Let’s get to know the face of the company!


Nicole runs her business from home in Upstate NY. She can be found at her desk with her two dogs close by, supporting her with every project.

Nicole has been happily married for 16 years to her now business partner, Craig. Her husband recently joined the agency to obtain growth. Nicole also has four kids, one being the agency’s business manager.

Nicole studied at Eastern Nazarene College in Massachusetts. She originally studied to be a youth pastor and shortly realized that was not the right path for her. She finished in Psychology and really enjoyed her major.

How Nicole Began Her Agency

Soon after college, Nicole found herself in an office supervisor position at a psychiatrist’s office that she did not enjoy. Her boss was unfair and mean, and she left the job with no plans in place.

After a much-needed break, Nicole started doing freelance writing. Her first job made her $3.56. She realized she could produce much more and make a living off something she really enjoyed.

Nicole kept growing and growing. After so many clients, she had to start pushing new clients away. This led her to a very hard decision to either stop growing or make something bigger.

Sometime after, with much fear within Nicole, Colwell Creative Content obtained a business certificate.

Nicole says “God made it possible for me to do this writing. He wanted me to grow and form an agency.”

Nicole’s Motivation

Nicole finds her motivation by being obedient to God and from her kids, who also give her encouragement. Her daughter Cassidy is especially encouraging as the business manager of the agency. Nicole sees this business as a legacy business that started off very small.

What is it Like Working With Family?

Nicole says that working with family can sometimes be challenging but has gotten a lot better. She finds it challenging to teach her husband new things when he has always been the one to teach her.

Nicole enjoys working with her family very much!


Nicole finds that leaving work in her office is the hardest part of the job.

While it’s nice to work from home every day, Nicole finds it hard to stop thinking and talking about it when her workday is done.

A Project Nicole is Proud Of

Nicole states, “I am really proud of the website the agency built for Change Media.” This was one of the first websites she completed, and the designer, Tiffany, did an amazing job and really brought the vision to life.

Would You Do Anything Differently?

When asking Nicole if she would do anything differently, she said “Yes, I would’ve stopped being afraid.” Nicole knew it was time to grow when she did, but she didn’t know how to form an agency and she was stubborn.

Now, she is thankful she took that risk because she is where she is now.

Follow Nicole’s Journey!

If you want to get to know Nicole more, follow Colwell Creative Content’s Facebook page where she posts new updates about the agency and her work life! 

You may even get to see her dogs and learn about how much they help in the office!

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