3 Reasons to Work with a Medical Content Writer

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Hospitals, healthcare practices, and medical clinics all have one thing in common…

Every one of them needs at least one medical content writer. 

More often than not, they need more than that; especially if they want to be competitive in today’s healthcare landscape. 

But for the sake of this blog post, we’ll just focus on one. 

A medical content writer can bring an incredible amount of value to your healthcare organization. 

If you’ve never worked with one before, here’s why you should start. 

Reason #1: SEO is Still Essential to Your Google Rank

Contrary to what some digital marketers might believe, SEO is still just as important today as it ever was. 

It’s just different today than even just a year ago. 

For example, after Google released its latest SEO update, helpful content is now prioritized over salesy content for web pages. 

The world of SEO is constantly changing, and it’s nearly impossible for business managers, owners, or executives to keep track of those changes. 

A medical content writer whose focus is specifically on updating your site’s content is your best bet to maintaining or even improving your Google rank with time. 

Reason #2: An Experienced Medical Content Writer Can Save You Money

Many healthcare facilities have turned to medical professionals for content writing. 


Because of some confusion over the supposed need to have author bylines on blog posts, articles, and web pages

However, according to a recent Search Engine Journal article, Google does NOT look at author bylines as a factor for ranking. 

A Search Liaison at Google stated this on X: “Google doesn’t somehow ‘check out our credentials.’ Author bylines aren’t something you do for Google, and they don’t help you rank better. They’re something you do for your readers – and publications doing them may exhibit the type of other characteristics our ranking systems find align with useful content.” 

The cost to hire a medical doctor to write your healthcare content could be as high as $150 an hour or $2+ per word

It would cost a fraction of that to hire a medical content writer and contract with a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist to review the content for medical accuracy. 

The bottom line? 

You don’t need a medical professional to write your content. 

A quality medical writer will do a great job and having your content reviewed by a healthcare professional will give you stellar work. 

Reason #3: You Have Enough on Your Plate

Finally, if you’re like many business managers or owners, you may be trying to come up with your medical content all on your own. 

As a result, you find yourself feeling worn out, overwhelmed, and frustrated. 

The reality is that running a hospital, clinic, or medical practice is enough work without adding content writing into the equation. 

Give yourself a break and delegate that task to a medical content writer who understands what you need and who will take on this responsibility. 

The outcome will be a better website that performs well and you’ll be able to focus your attention on your patients – which is where it really belongs. 

Need a Medical Content Writer? 

Do you need a medical content writer? 

At Colwell Creative, our team has written content for all types of medical professionals, including: 

  • Addiction treatment
  • Mental health
  • Plastic surgery
  • Dentists
  • Chiropractors
  • Prescription assistance programs

Take a look at our portfolio and check out our work! 

When you work with us, your content will be crafted by a human, not by AI. 

And our writers have the experience you need for high-quality content at terrific rates. 

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