Make Your Website “Stick” Like Glue

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The average internet user takes 10 – 20 seconds to decide whether to stay on a page or not. How do you encourage users to stick with your website? 

The following tips will ensure you have a “sticky” website.


People take to the internet because they have a problem to solve. This could be an answer to a question, a product or service they want to buy, or some simple entertainment. 

Nothing gets a user to click away from your page faster than not being able to identify the answer to their question. 

The average user will take about 10 – 20 seconds to determine if the page meets their needs. This means clear and accurate SEO is a must. 

Carefully consider each page on your website to ensure it is optimized properly. Use your main search terms early on in the page so the searcher gets confirmation that this is the page they are looking for. 

Simple Layout

A simple, and easy-to-navigate layout is best. As already mentioned, searchers should be able to locate the answer to their question immediately or they will click away from the site. 

To make sure your website user has a great experience, make sure the presentation of the content is uncluttered and that it is effortless for them to navigate to where they want to go.

Nothing is worse than obnoxious pop-ups or ads that block the entire screen. 

Add Some Interaction

It is incredibly difficult for the average person to resist clicking an interactive map, watching a short video, or sliding a bar back and forth to see different data representations on a chart. Even something as simple as a slideshow can compel a user to linger and page through.

Some other examples of interactive content include, but aren’t limited to, quizzes, surveys, polls, infographics, and more! Your imagination is the limit on what to include.

These interactive features are incredibly powerful tools to increase the “stickiness” of your page. Just make sure the interactive features don’t compromise the quality of the content or clutter the presentation.

Try User-Generated Content

When done correctly, user-generated content can be incredibly powerful. People love reading reviews and testimonials. Other ideas for user-generated content include embedding social media posts or mentions.

However, user-generated content should never be done at the expense of quality. Make sure the presentation of the content is fun and easy to read and doesn’t clutter the page. 

Make it easy for your website user to contribute their content or share the content on the page. This will encourage them to stay longer. 

Bring it All Together

The most important elements of a sticky webpage are accurate SEO, clear and compelling design, and user engagement and interaction.

Remember, the average person takes just a few seconds to decide if they want to spend time on your page. Make those few seconds count by ensuring the answer to their question is the first thing they see. Give them a reason to stay and continue to scroll down the page.

If you feel overwhelmed by the process, a professional SEO consultant or a web designer can help!

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