Client Spotlight: Marcy Clark & Faith-Filled Book of Hebrews: Study Session ‘by design Series

Book cover for Faith-Filled Book of Hebrews by Marcy Clark

For our July Client Spotlight post, we’re excited to share Marcy Clark’s newest series, Faith-Filled Book of Hebrews: Study Session ‘by design Series. 

It’s always a huge compliment when authors return to us for assistance with books after they’ve successfully completed their first one with us. 

We were thrilled when Marcy told us she was ready to get started on her second series! 

If you’re looking for a quality study on the Book of Hebrews, you’ll definitely want to pick this one up. 

Faith-Filled Book of Hebrews: Study Session ‘by design Series by Marcy Clark is available only on Amazon for purchase in hardcover format. 

Who is Marcy Clark? 

Marcy Clark is a former teacher and US Army Veteran. She is incredibly passionate about education and today, she spends her time focusing on working with women to help them understand who they are in Christ. 

Marcy’s first book, Beauty4Ashes ‘by design Series is available on Amazon in paperback format. We had the honor of partnering with Marcy to bring this amazing Bible study to life too. 

This author is not content to just write her books and send them out into the world. She enjoys being able to work one-on-one with women and sow into their lives as they go through each series together. 

The Faith-Filled Study Companion

It was also an honor for us to work with Marcy to develop the Faith-Filled Study Companion, which is the perfect complement to Faith-Filled Book of Hebrews.

Book cover for Faith-Filled Study Companion by Marcy Clark

Because Marcy is a teacher at heart, she wanted study participants to really focus on what God’s Word has to say in the Book of Hebrews. 

To help them apply what they are learning in each chapter, she highly recommends the Faith-Filled Study Companion, which is also only available on Amazon in paperback format. 

The Faith-Filled Study Companion is great for personal use or group instruction. 

This Bible-based workbook offers interactive lessons to immerse participants in the Word of God as they watch videos, paint, and participate in other Faith-Filled Reflection activities. 

As Marcy says, Faith-Filled is all about helping you know your faith, grow your faith, and giving you some encouragement along the way. 

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