“I’m New to Marketing Online…Where Should I Start?” 

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It’s not surprising that so many business owners freeze up when it comes to marketing their products and services online. 

Think about it – with so many different marketing strategy options, it can be hard to know where to start! 

No worries though because at Colwell Creative Content, Inc., your online advertising plan is as good as DONE. 

Let’s dive further into this topic and discuss how to approach your marketing if you’ve never done this before. 

Marketing Strategy Questions to Ask

It’s critical to know the answers to a few key questions as you begin marketing your business online. Here are a few we like to start with:

Who is Your Target Audience?

Before you can market anything at all, you need to know who’s buyin’. So, whose attention are you trying to grab? 

  • Parents? 
  • Other businesses? 
  • Professionals?
  • Teens? 
  • Kids? 

Once you know your target audience, you’ll know the type of content you’ll need to create to increase engagement and convert leads. 

What’s the Competition Doing? 

Our strategy always involves checking out the competition. We take note of everything they’re doing and then we create a plan to do it better. There are a few techniques we use, such as: 

  • The Skyscraper technique, which involves writing articles, pages, and blog posts to increase the page’s value in Google’s eyes. Plus it’s a great way to attract backlinks. 
  • Local SEO, which involves adding additional pages to the site to help it rank for other areas businesses serve. 
  • Ad marketing, which is growing in popularity and becoming the go-to method of online advertising. 

What’s the “Low-Hanging Fruit”?

More specifically…what can we do to get a quick boost for this business? 

It’s great to enjoy some short-term success while we work on the long game. But the answer to this question is different for every business. 

It really depends on what the competition is doing and what the immediate need is. For example, if we have a client with absolutely NO SEO on their site at all, that’s where we start so we can help them rank. 

If we have a client without a Facebook page, we start there. 

What’s the End Goal and How do We Get There? 

Your end goal could be to increase your conversions by 50% or it could be to keep the same number of clients/customers, but provide them with education and information. 

Once you know what your ultimate goal is, you’ll need to make a plan of attack to reach it. 

This is when it helps to know professionals who can advise you about how to prioritize the items on your marketing plan and how to execute each one. 

Need Marketing Help? Contact Us!

At Colwell Creative Content, Inc., we have the expertise you need to help your business succeed. 

There’s no sense in spinning your wheels! Talk with us and we’ll give you some fantastic ideas to help you soar past your competition and see results. 

Contact us today and Let’s Grow Your Business Together! 

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