How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Business

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Why Do People Use Social Media?

It seems like everyone is using social media platforms today. Whether it is to keep in touch with friends and family, or using the many business features available, social media is everywhere. According to platform reports, 4.48 billion people use social media worldwide. 

All around the world, social media is used for business. The United States reports 27% usage for work while India comes in at 47% usage for work. 

It is estimated that 63% of the world’s population age 13 and older is on social media. This means a lot more exposure for a business. 

How Can Social Media Work For Businesses?

Social media works for businesses in a number of ways. It allows engagement with customers who are not directly in your local area, thus expanding your customer potential. It allows for direct customer feedback as well. 

You can use social media for advertising and promoting your business. The cost of advertising on billboards and pricey TV commercials can be cumbersome. The average TV ad can cost around $115,000 for 30 seconds. This does not always fit into a budget. Using social media to advertise drastically reduces the costs and can also reach more people. 

Social media platforms are platforms based on engagement and interaction. When social media is used effectively to promote your business, you can substantially increase your customer base or even convert people from other companies to use your product. 

Engagement within social media can include funny posts that are relevant to your business, giveaways or other contests. By engaging within the platform, you create brand recognition, brand loyalty and also the potential of the social platform also sharing your page to different target audiences as suggested pages to follow. 

Social media allows for a more dynamic type of interaction as well. If a business shares a funny post more people will click and perhaps comment on this post. This engagement boosts the business page and can increase visibility. This type of marketing is not able to happen at a brick and mortar location. 

What are the Benefits to Promoting My Business on Social Media?

A few benefits for promoting on social media have been listed already, but there are even more that benefit businesses. 

The wide range of customer reach is probably the number one benefit to using social media for your business. A brick and mortar business can be limited in its advertising. By promoting and engaging on social media, you open yourself up to potentially over 4 billion people seeing your product or service. Getting a business in front of more potential customers is always an important aspect of success.

When customers and businesses engage positively online, this creates loyalty and so many other people can view that. Whether a problem is solved quickly or a product performed beyond expectations, people on social media will talk about it. Positive engagements drive the business analytics up and social media platforms love that. 

The world we live in is very fast paced. People want answers to their questions quickly. Social media allows faster communication. Almost everyone has a smartphone and can respond to messages and comments from almost anywhere. There is no need to be tied to a phone in an office or to miss important potential clients who may need your service fast. 

Many social media platforms have a specific page or account set up for a business. These pages look the same to the user, however, the business owner or page administrator has access to a number of analytics and information to measure the pages success. 

Analytics on a social media business page provide immediate feedback using information in real time. if a business has run a campaign and used advertisements for promotion. The platform will run all the necessary reports and numbers and the business owner can access this information right away. No need to run those lengthy monthly reports at the end of the month like in the past. These measures save a lot of time and energy and businesses can focus on other aspects of their company. 

How Can I Promote My Business on Social Media?

Now that we know the benefits of promoting your business on social media, how do you start? 

First, you need to create your business page. Make it something that stands out, yet creates a brand presence that is in the same vein as your product or service. If you have a personal page on social media, keep the business one separate. This allows the page to be public and achieve more views. 

Once your page is set up, you need to begin posting. Post interactive posts that bring people to the comment section. More comments equals a rise in engagement analytics. Certain social media platforms like video posts and will also give videos a slight advantage in news feeds over other non video posts. Engagement is key. 

Join groups as the business page that are in the same market as your business. For example, if you are creating or selling products for young children, join some of the parenting groups on the social media platform and probably not the page for dogs for adoption. 

Once in these groups, interact as the business page. Drop in on other pages and express that you like their work or their page or their product (non competing, of course). Interaction is very important. You want your business name to be seen and adding value. 

The key to social media and business is to get started and keep up the momentum. Interacting regularly and communicating quickly and appropriately could be very beneficial to promoting your business on social media. People will respond where there is value. Let your business be the one they see. 

At Colwell Creative Content, social media management is just one of the services we offer. We can help you increase your visibility, your customer base and your market share, and we’ll do it at a price that won’t break the bank!

Are you ready to step up your social media game? Contact us today and let’s get started! 

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