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Ghost Writing Services

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Looking to tell your story and transform your ideas into captivating words?  Are you not sure where to begin?  No need to worry because here at Colwell Creative Content, we can help you with our Ghostwriting Services. We have ghostwriters that have helped several writers get their books written. 

What is Ghost Writing?


Simply put, ghostwriting is when someone writes for hire and is paid, but they do not receive the credit for the work. It is a collaboration between the client and the ghostwriter. 


Many authors use ghostwriting because they have a difficult time putting their thoughts down in a way that is logical for book writing. The Colwell Creative Content team will guide you through the process of writing a book.

The Benefits of Ghostwriting


You might have an idea that you just have a hard time putting pen to paper. Not everyone has the ability to write down the story they want to tell! 


A wide variety of people have fascinating stories and principles to share; they just do not possess the necessary writing skills. Some lack the motivation to do so. Still, others don't know where to begin. That is where ghostwriting can be a huge benefit.  


You want to hire a professional writer to help you write that compelling content and implement the writing style you want. 


At Colwell Creative Content we provide you with a ghostwriter that will give you the best value.  We value your input and collaborate extensively with you. Our approach incorporates the elements of storytelling and formal writing in a way that benefits your target audience.  

Colwell Creative Content’s Ghostwriting Services


Whether you are looking for writing, editing, or custom work we have it all at Colwell Creative Content. For each client, we tailor a writing process that works for them.


  • We work with your notes for the book.

  • We schedule interviews to talk with you and make notes. 

  • We create an outline for the book.

  • We write chapter by chapter and make sure it matches your vision.

  • We offer to format the book for Amazon and help with the process.


You keep the byline and we do not get the credit at all. 


Different types of writing services we offer include:


  • Autobiography Writing

  • Fiction Writing

  • Non-Fiction Writing

  • Editing Services

  • Proofreading Services


It all comes down to working as a team to flawlessly execute your project and exceed your expectations. 


Contact Colwell Creative Content Today!


At Colwell Creative Content our mission is to help you with your book idea. Our ghostwriters will help you with your book to create an impression on the publishers.


Are you ready to get started with our ghostwriter's help? Contact us today and let’s grow your business together!

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