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Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services picture of a white keyboard with a blue key on it that has the email icon

Connection To Your Brand. 


Did you know that almost 3.9 billion people use email to communicate every day? There is no other platform out there today that has that many users in a day. Why not take advantage of that potential and leverage it to market your business?


You should not miss out on this opportunity to connect your business to potential customers through email marketing. Colwell Creative Content has a committed team and we will work with you at every step. We will find the right email campaign that promotes your business the way you want to.

Why Use Email Marketing?


Nowadays many businesses use email marketing services to promote leads. You might think that most people are using mobile apps and chats to connect to potential customers. In fact, 61 percent of consumers still like brand interfaces through email. This extends across all ages and genders. 


As a business yourself, you will want to display your brand in a way that engages your visitors’ attention. That is where email marketing from Colwell Creative Content can help you. We will help you make your email worth opening.  


Your business and personal goals will be supported by our effective email marketing strategies by our staff.

Benefits of Email Marketing Strategy 


Why is it important to have an email marketing strategy?


The reason why it is important is that you only want to send content out that matters. Your business needs a SUBJECT LINE that is catchy.  We want to help you grab the attention of your customers through that subject line.


At Colwell Creative Content we can set up email marketing through any platform the client wants to use. We offer different strategies that will work for you. Here is what our team can offer to you:


  • Write the copy for the emails

  • Edit emails if you have them pre-written 

  • Add pictures that promote your business

  • Create graphics

  • Schedule emails in advance

  • Set up campaigns for clients' customers who are interested in certain products or sales


For example, we can help you promote an upcoming sale of your product.  A Colwell Creative Content email campaign can be set up to send regular emails to customers leading up to the launch of the sale. This is a lot like what companies like Walmart and Target do.


Providing creative content that makes you look good is our goal at Colwell Creative Content. No matter where your email content is viewed, it will be engaging.  

Get Started with Email Marketing Services


At Colwell Creative Content, our motto is Let’s Grow Your Business Together! And that’s exactly what we do. 


We offer competitively priced and personalized services to our clients. We will never treat you like a number. Your success is our success. Learn what it is like to work with an email marketing company that is committed to its clients' success. 


Contact us today to get started! 

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