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Editing Services

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You have a sound concept and engaging story written, but those are not enough to be successful in the writing business. Where do you turn to? Who should you use to get help?


You need an editing service to make sure your writing is lively, free of errors, and easy to follow. That is where Colwell Creative Content can be your one-stop editing service.

Why Do You Need Editing Services?


As you write your dream, you'll see how it grows from an idea to a chapter-by-chapter, fully detailed book or document. This process should include editing, detailed proofreading, and attention to the smallest details.


Your writing shines when it has been edited! Your draft is checked by an editor for things such as grammar errors, punctuation errors, misspellings, and consistency of names, places, etc.  


There are different levels of editing and at Colwell Creative Content we will make sure you get what you want.  


It will be the little things that will make sure your work stands out and is noticed. Your work will need to have a second person looking it over to make sure your writing is up to its full potential.  


Don't forget that everyone makes mistakes. There is no way to catch them all in your work. An editor will ensure your documents do not contain these embarrassing errors before submitting or publishing them. 

Editing Services at Colwell Creative Content


At Colwell Creative Content we have many levels of book editing that you will get with working with us. What we include is: 


  • Developmental: Used for organizing and refining ideas.

  • Substantive: Improving the content and ensuring continuity.

  • Copyediting: Fixing awkward phrasing, grammatical errors, and mistakes in capitalization.

  • Proofreading: Identifying even the smallest error before publication.


In short, at Colwell Creative Content we offer professional editing services. Errors are removed, document flow is improved, and language and style are enhanced. Whose writing would not benefit from a little help?


Editing is essential for fixing the last few little problems in your writing before it is finished and sent to the world. We offer competitive rates and a quick turnaround from our professional editors. That sounds appealing, doesn't it?

Get Started With Colwell Creative Content Editing Services


So write out that first draft and let’s get started on smoothing out any mistakes or missteps, bringing you just that much closer to accomplishing your writing goals.


At Colwell Creative Content, our motto is Let’s Grow Your Business Together! And that’s exactly what we do. 


The services we provide to our clients are personalized with your writing style. To us, you are more than a number. To us, your business matters. See what it's like to work with an editor that cares about the success of its clients. 


Contact us today to get started! 

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