Does Website Content Still Matter?

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By now, every business owner should know the value of having their own website. But many don’t know how important it is for them to maintain it and keep it updated. This has been a vital part of growing a prosperous business for many years, and that does not seem to be changing anytime soon.

Consider the following:

· As many as 93% of all experiences online start with a search engine.

· As of right now, Google holds more than 90% of the market share.

· 57% of B2B companies say that search engine optimization is what generates the most leads for them.

· 81% of people will do a Google search before they will make a purchasing decision.

· 47% of consumers will look at between 3 and 5 pieces of content from a company before ever speaking to an associate.

· 75% of Google searchers will never scroll past the first page.

Getting on the first page of Google is still critical if you own your own business. Yes, website content still matters, and it’s important to understand why.

Your Website Needs Constant Change

Change is good when it comes to website content, and that means it’s important to switch things up from time to time. Of course, you can’t change all of the pages on your site constantly. That can get confusing for your customers, and it’s also a big headache for you. That’s why websites have blogs.

Your business blog offers you a world of opportunities. It allows you to present yourself as an expert in your field. Your customers will find value because of your blog posts, and they will be more likely to recommend your company to their friends and family.

Not to mention, for search engine optimization purposes, new blog posts = a changing website. Google provides higher rankings to businesses with an active site.

Social Media Sharing

Now more than ever, people are getting their information from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. People love sharing about products that they enjoy, or recommending businesses that have provided stellar customer service.

When a customer has content to share from an amazing business, they will be quick to do it so they can help other people utilize those services or products. By keeping your blog and web pages up to date, you’ll find that you’ll have plenty of content for them to share.

Hiring a Website Content Writer

We’ve talked about the importance of new website content for Google and for social media, but there’s just one problem.

What if you’re not a writer?

It’s OK. Most business owners aren’t, and to be honest, they usually don’t have time to write anyway, even if they wish they could. That’s why it’s important to know where to find a high quality website content writer.

Writers like myself have spent a lot of time learning the ins and outs of SEO. I always take the time to talk with my clients in detail so that I understand their business, their audience, and what they want to accomplish.

There’s no need to worry if you’re not a writer. I can help you get your website on page one of Google. Contact me today to learn more!

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