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Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agencies

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If you’re a real estate agent, then you understand how competitive your job is. You need every possible advantage you can get. 


At Colwell Creative Content, we take the time to understand your goals for your business. It’s our job to make you look good online, and we offer many services that make that possible. 

Real Estate Agency Website Design


A quality website is absolutely essential for real estate agencies. Without it, buyers and sellers are going to choose a different company to work with over yours. 


Your website needs to have several features in order to attract visitors and keep them on your site while they search for their new homes. For example, your site should be: 


  • Functional - Is it easy to navigate? Does it make sense? Is it fast? 

  • Informative - How is the content? Does it adequately describe each home in enough detail? 

  • Location-centric - This is key. People are searching for homes in specific areas, and without enough location information, your site isn’t going to show up in their results. 

  • Connected - You’ll need links to your social media pages and a way for people to contact you for more information. 


At Colwell Creative Content, we take care of all of this for you. Your website will soon rival your competition. 

SEO and Website Content for Real Estate Agents


Now more than ever, website content matters


People are searching for homes locally, so your site needs to include the locations of the homes you have listed. 


Not only that, your homes’ descriptions should all be different and interesting. You want them to engage your website visitors, which will encourage them to get in touch with you. 


A quality website content writer knows how to use keywords to give your website the boost it needs. The key is to write for search engines and for people. That’s what we do best at Colwell Creative Content. 


A lot of real estate agents try to write their own content. Not only is that time-consuming, but it can also result in errors, which can drive business away. 


When you work with us, your website content is done well. That’s one more thing you don’t have to worry about so you can focus on doing what you do best - working with your clients. 

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate


People love to look at posts about available houses on the market on Facebook and Instagram, even if they’re not looking to buy or sell. 


How’s your social media engagement been? If you’re not getting the likes and comments you’re hoping for, it might be time to take a closer look at your approach. 


At Colwell Creative Content, we have an entire team of social media experts. We can produce quality posts for your agency that will capture your audience’s attention, get those comments and likes you’ve been wanting, and even increase shares. 

Other Services for the Real Estate Field


There are so many ways for you to reach people about your real estate agency. At Colwell Creative Content, we can take care of a lot of them for you, including: 



If you’ve been spinning your wheels trying to grow your agency, why not try something different? At Colwell Creative Content, our motto is - Let’s Grow Your Business Together! 


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. 

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