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Digital Marketing for Mental Health Professionals

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As a mental health practitioner, your job is vitally important. 


People need the services you offer, and sometimes they need them ASAP. 


Whether you’re a solo therapist starting your own practice or you operate an inpatient mental health facility, digital marketing is critical. 

Website Design, Social Media, SEO & More for Mental Health Professionals

Our CEO has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and she and the Colwell Creative Content, Inc. team have focused on mental health content since 2012. 


Your digital marketing needs are in great hands! We know exactly how to reach your target audience and the best places to market your services. 

Grow Your Practice Through Organic SEO

Implementing organic SEO on your website boosts your site’s Google rank. That means more people are exposed to your mental health program. 


Through extensive keyword research and by studying your competition, we’re prepared to create content and use SEO best practices to improve your visibility. 


And not just that - our content is designed to convert website visitors into clients for your practice. 


One of our clients has seen a conversion increase of 80% and their website traffic has increased by 1000%. 


Local SEO is important too, and before long, you’ll be reaching a wider audience as you grow your practice. 

Ad Marketing for Mental Health

We’re excited to offer ad marketing services for our mental health clients. 


Ad marketing ensures your content is available to those most likely to need your services. 


Our targeted approach provides high-quality ad text and graphics for a visually appealing ad campaign that converts. 


Your ads will appear wherever your potential clients are, and we offer: 


  • Billboard ads

  • Social media ads for all platforms

  • TikTok ads

  • Digital display ads

  • Geofencing

  • TV streaming service ads

Reach Out to People in Need of Mental Health Support Through Social Media

We get it - running your practice is time-consuming, and you don’t always have the energy left to focus on your social media presence. 


That’s no problem! When you work with us, we’ll talk with you about your social media goals and create a plan to achieve them. 


We offer three packages for you to choose from. You’ll receive targeted posts designed to educate, inform, and convert leads into clients. 


But creating social media posts is just part of what we have to offer. 


  • Need a Facebook Group Administrator with mental health experience to facilitate your group? 

  • Want to create TikToks and Reels? 

  • Too busy serving clients to reply to comments on your posts? 


Consider it done! 


We’ll design a specific package to encompass all your needs from start to finish. 


Your potential clients are on social media and we’ll help you reach them. 

Website Design Services for Mental Health Facilities

Whether your mental health program is brand-new, or you’ve been in business for years, updating your website is crucial. 


You’ll love our website design services, and we work with multiple platforms to meet our clients’ needs. 


We take the time to understand your vision for your site before the design gets underway. And if you need high-quality content that converts, we’ll provide that too. 

Mental Health Digital Marketing Services - Contact Us Today!

It’s tough to find affordable mental health digital marketing services. At Colwell Creative Content, Inc., we have the experience you’re looking for. 


It’s time to take action on your project and we’re here to help. 


Contact us today and Let’s Grow Your Business Together! 

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