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Digital Marketing Services for Healthcare

Hospital tech looking at a screen to read reports for a patient in a bed

Today more and more people turn to the internet for healthcare services. Eight in ten people turn to search engines like Google and Bing for healthcare advice. 


If your hospital or medical practice doesn’t show up when people search your keywords, it’s a problem. 


You need an online presence. That can be accomplished through SEO, website optimization, and improved social media presence. 

Website Content, SEO, and Social Media Services for Healthcare


Having your medical practice or hospital show up in a top search result makes your business competitive. 


At Colwell Creative Content, we have been writing for the healthcare industry for the last ten years. We are also part of the American Medical Writers Association (ID# 66139353). 


We know how to increase traffic to your website and produce engaging content for both your site and your social media pages.   

SEO and Website Content for Healthcare


The healthcare industry is changing every day. What are you doing to keep driving clients to your business? If you are unsure, that is where SEO and website content can help.


Why is SEO important and what does it do? 


SEO is a process that gives your website an edge when a medical term is used in a search. Search engines like Google and Bing rank your site according to its keywords, among other factors. 


If your website is not on page one, you need SEO for your business.


The right content helps your medical practice rank higher. With 10 years of experience, our writers have what it takes to improve your SEO. 

Healthcare Social Media Management


Every day patients are turning to social media for healthcare recommendations. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok are often used as search engines by people looking for services. 


In fact, 90% of older adults use social media platforms to look for healthcare information.


Is your practice a part of their search? 


Engaging social media posts will help you connect with your audience, and even find a new one.


At Colwell Creative Content we can help your social media platform in many ways, including: 


  • Encouraging discussions

  • Managing groups

  • Responding to comments


But above all, we’ll create engaging content that will only build your credibility.  


Newsletters for Healthcare


Having a newsletter is a great way to market healthcare practices. For example, you can use a newsletter to:


  • Serves and strengthens relationships with patients.


  • Keep in touch with patients that are not seen often.


  • Offer healthcare news and updates.


Website Design Services for HealthCare


If your healthcare website is not having a lot of traffic then it might be time to think about a website upgrade. 


Talk to us at Colwell Creative Content!  We can perform an audit with our recommendations on how to make your site perform at its very best. 

Talk with Us About Your Healthcare Digital Marketing Needs


At Colwell Creative Content, we specialize in writing for the healthcare industry. We have the knowledge needed to grow your practice. 


To learn more, please contact us today.

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