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Digital Marketing Services for Construction

Three construction workers standing in a partially finished building reading blueprints

If you own a construction business, you might remember the days of word-of-mouth advertising. Not much has changed except the way people get the word out about companies they recommend. 


Now more than ever, businesses are advertising online. If your construction business doesn’t have a strong internet presence, you’re likely to lose out to your competitors that do. 


At Colwell Creative Content, we love our construction industry clients! There is so much we can do to help you grow your business. 

Website Design for Construction


Think of your website like an online business card. It’s how people will know who you are, what you do, and how to contact you. 


An attractive website will capture people’s attention when they’re searching online for what they need. But there’s a lot more to it than aesthetics. 


At Colwell Creative Content, we take the time to study your competition. It doesn’t matter if you’re local or headquartered elsewhere in the United States. We’ll find your competitors, figure out their strategy, and put together one for your company that’s even better. 


Your website should include: 


  • Pictures of your work

  • Testimonials

  • Location information


At the most basic level, you want your site to have: 


  • A homepage

  • An About Us page

  • Service pages or information on the homepage about your services

  • A blog

  • A Contact Us page


SEO for Construction


You can have the most attractive website out there, but without proper SEO implemented, it’s not going to do much for your search engine visibility. 


SEO incorporates many things, including: 


  • The right keywords

  • Word count

  • Links - both internal and external 

  • URLs

  • Images


People look to Google to find what they want, most of the time. When they put in keywords, in order for your website to show up, those keywords have to appear organically in your content. If they don’t, your site isn’t going to rank and you’ll lose out to your competition. 


At Colwell Creative Content, our goal is to provide you with content that gives you better visibility and is also interesting for your website visitors to read. 

Construction Company Social Media Marketing


Like most business owners, you might know the importance of social media marketing, but it’s not exactly high on your list of priorities. You’re busy, and finding the time to market on Facebook and other social media networks can be extremely hard. 


Colwell Creative Content will take the pressure of social media marketing off your plate. We’ll incorporate images, hashtags, and engaging text that speaks to your target audience. 


In the construction industry, Facebook is a sure bet. But there are other options too, such as: 



Even TikTok can be an effective marketing tool for your business when it’s done right. 


We take the time to get to know you and what matters most to your business. Our job is to make you look good on social media, and it’s one we take very seriously. 

Other Services We Offer for Construction


There are many other services you might want to take advantage of too, such as: 



Choose Colwell Creative Content for Construction Digital Marketing


There’s never been a better time to get started with digital marketing for your construction business. Let’s have a conversation about how we can help. 


Let’s Grow Your Business Together! 


Contact us to learn more! 

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