Client Spotlight: The International Thunderbird Club

Right after Nicole first started Colwell Creative Content, she was referred to the International Thunderbird Club. They wanted her to take the club on as a client, and it was the first client she had that wasn’t online. 

The ITC had just lost its newsletter editor, and the club needed to replace her. Nicole was recommended by the club’s printing service, Multi Media Services in Corning, NY.

Thus began the long-standing relationship between Colwell Creative Content and the ITC. This month, we want to honor them in our client spotlight post. 

The International Thunderbird Club’s History

Tom Kneebis is the ITC’s historian, and on the club’s History page, he recounts exactly how the ITC came to be. 

In 1993, Bob Murphy, a member of the Upstate New York Thunderbird Club, had a picnic at his home in the Syracuse area. People came from all over the Northeast, and even from Canada to attend the event that was held every summer. 

But that summer was different. 

That summer, the group who attended the picnic started talking about forming a new club. Their stated goal was to put members ahead of the cars they owned. The enthusiasm was contagious. 

An inaugural meeting was held in Hazelton, Pennsylvania in October of that same year. There was a lot to figure out, but people were motivated to come together to celebrate the Ford Thunderbird – and each other – with a new club that would include people from all over the world. 

The ITC Script

Since 2013, Colwell Creative Content has been editing the ITC Script, the club’s bi-monthly publication. 

The Script has 56 pages, is done in color, and contains all kinds of stories from ITC members, ads from vendors, and informative articles from ITC staff. 

The Script is what keeps the ITC together. 

Friends get updates about each other through the Script.  

Club members list their cars for sale, which are often exactly what other members are looking for to build their collections through the Script. 

We’ve heard from members who were thrilled to find out that their articles made the cover. 

We’ve heard from members who were in tears when their late fathers’ cars were honored in its pages. 

The ITC Script is special, and it’s always exciting for us to put a new issue together because we’re always so eager to see the final product. 

The ITC is special too. The club’s tagline is: 

And they sure do have a lot of fun! 

There are always events taking place for the ITC. Whether it’s their annual convention or the Carlisle Ford Nationals, the members of the ITC love to get together, show off their Thunderbirds, and get caught up with one another. 

At Colwell Creative Content, we love that we’re able to work with the ITC. We love ALL our clients, but this one has a special place in our hearts. 

If you own a Thunderbird, or you know someone who does, and you’re not an ITC member, check out this awesome club. It’s a close-knit family you’ll love being a part of. 

And if your club could use professional newsletter services, contact us! It’s one of the things we do best. 

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