Client Spotlight: Change Media

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We were thrilled when Ben Dodson, owner of Change Commercial Services, asked us to revamp his website for his other business, Change Media

Change Media is a company based in the Portland, Oregon area that offers event live streaming, recording, and consultation services. As quoted on their website: 

“At Change Media, we set a high standard for our events. Whether it is live or recorded, our production goal is to make sure your event looks just right from start to finish.” 

The company was conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic when Ben was asked to provide live streaming services for his church. It wasn’t long before several churches started asking for his help in this area. And before he knew it, he had a business that he was extremely passionate about. 

Today, Change Media offers services for: 

Our Work with Change Media

When we began this project, the first order of business was to determine the company’s keywords. We also researched their top-ranking competitors so we could see what elements we should add to the Change Media site. 

We needed to decide: 

  • What pages should be included on the new site.
  • How many words of text those pages should have. 
  • How to structure images on the pages. 

Once we had a plan in place, we began writing the content and sending it to Ben for approval. Our website designer worked with their colors and logo to create a newly branded site that would project the modern feel this company needed online. 

We’re excited to be a part of this company’s story as they continue to get established in the live streaming and recording space. Going forward, we’ll be helping them with blog posts and possibly even some social media management

Do You Need Website Design Services?

Having a website is critical for marketing today. Maybe you’re starting a new business and you need a new site, or, it’s possible that you have an older site that needs to be redone. 

Either way, Colwell Creative Content can help you. We will talk with you about your options and what will work best for your business. 

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