Client Spotlight: Brandy Heatley, Author

Book cover for Overcoming Brokenness with a woman kneeling in a field of purple flowers with her hands raised and mountains and the sunrise in the background

Earlier this year, I was honored to work with a new author named Brandy Heatley. Brandy had an incredible story to share with the world, but she needed an editor/ghostwriter to help make it happen. 

Brandy’s book, Overcoming Brokenness, details the last seven years of her life, and her story offers hope to anyone battling Lyme Disease. 

Who is Brandy Heatley?

Brandy was many things to many people. To her family, she was a wife and a mother. To her job, she was a busy Registered Nurse who worked long, strenuous hours. To her team, she was a softball coach who was always there to lend a word of encouragement. 

Brandy kept such a rigorous schedule in an attempt to keep up with all the demands in her life. Suddenly, everything changed one day. 

Brandy became extremely sick. She was so sick, she couldn’t even stand on her own. Doctors were baffled. Many thought her symptoms were all in her head and they called her crazy. 

Finally, Brandy met a doctor who gave her a diagnosis. She had Lyme Disease, and it was a condition that many medical professionals refused to even acknowledge as real. 

Overcoming Brokenness takes the reader on a journey with Brandy as she visits specialists, tries new treatments, and navigates the world of Lyme Disease as she desperately tries to get her life back. 

It’s a story of tragedy, frustration, hope, healing, and victory. And it’s one everyone should read.

The Making of Overcoming Brokenness

Brandy dragged her feet about writing Overcoming Brokenness, and the story was written over the span of several years. 

Over time, she realized God was the one encouraging her to record everything that was happening to her and came to the understanding that her account was destined to become a published book. 

When I started working with Brandy, she had a rough manuscript that needed some TLC. We worked through each chapter, one at a time, and created a final book that Brandy could be proud of and that God would use for His purposes. 

The editing and ghostwriting phase lasted for about 3 weeks, and then finally, it was time to design the cover (pictured above). We went through several tweaks and changes until finally, Brandy fell in love with her book’s cover. 

I took care of the publishing on Amazon KDP, and Brandy specifically requested an e-book and a softcover book as her final deliverables. 

The day Overcoming Brokenness became available on Amazon was a great one, full of excitement! 

We Love Our Authors!

At Colwell Creative Content, Inc., we absolutely love partnering with authors to make their books a reality. We know how challenging it can be to overcome mental hurdles and put your innermost thoughts out there for all the world to see. 

If you have written a manuscript but you’ve been putting off getting it published, why wait? Whether you need a ghostwriter or an editor, we’re here to help you every step of the way. 

We have strict rules about our work with authors to ensure their projects get the attention they deserve. Each of our ghostwriters and editors will only work with one author at a time. 

We’re now booking for July, so contact us today to get started! 

Let’s Grow Your Reader Audience Together!

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