Client Spotlight: Marcy Clark, Author of Beauty4Ashes ‘by Design Series

Marcy Clark’s book cover for Beauty4Ashes ‘by design series

At Colwell Creative, we love to shine our client spotlight on interesting, inspiring, and exciting projects we get to work on. 

During the month of March, it was an honor to partner with Marcy Clark to bring her newest project, Beauty4Ashes ‘by design to life! 

But this was more than just a book! Beauty4Ashes ‘by design offers a way for individuals to grasp some important concepts in their walks with God. 

Beauty4Ashes ‘by design Series

Marcy has been offering her Beauty4Ashes ‘by design Series to Christian groups as well as individuals for some time. 

The study itself reinforces the fact that we are all beautiful in God’s eyes and helps us understand that God can make something beautiful out of even our worst experiences. 

Beauty4Ashes ‘by design is created to be a six-week, hands-on project involving rebuilding one’s life for the glory of God. 

I could say more, but I don’t want to spoil the fun! 

Participants are strongly encouraged to purchase the Beauty4Ashes ‘by design Kit, which contains everything they need to have a unique experience while going through the book. 

Information on how to purchase the kit is available in the book. 

Also, Marcy designed a beautiful journal for participants to use alongside the kit and the Beauty4Ashes ‘by design Series book. 

What Inspired Beauty4Ashes? 

Like many great Christian authors, Marcy Clark has a powerful testimony of how God has worked in her life. 

Marcy spent many years running away from God. Her story is fraught with trauma, and yet God redeemed her in a powerful, mighty way. 

It’s Marcy’s story and experience of how God worked in her life that served as the inspiration for Beauty4Ashes ‘by design Series. 

Contacting Marcy

If you would like more information about doing a Beauty4Ashes ‘by design group for your church, group, or organization, Marcy would love to hear from you! 

You can contact her by emailing:

She can assist you with everything you need to make sure your group is a big success! 

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