Client Spotlight: Author, Jessie Raum

Jessie Raum’s book cover with a picture of her praying

When author, Jessie Raum first contacted me about working with her to write and publish her book, I had no idea what was in store for me. 

If you know Jessie, then you know she is one of the sweetest people on the face of this earth. A solid, born-again Christian, Jessie is also a loving wife, the mother of three beautiful children, and an amazing daughter and friend. 

But Jessie certainly didn’t become who she is today by chance. 

Her book, The Goodness of God: The Eternal Legacy of Jessie Raum – It Ends With Me tells the story of a child, teenager, and young woman who has been through the fire more times than anyone can count. 

The Story of Author, Jessie Raum

At the beginning of Jessie’s book, you’ll find a disclaimer that serves as a trigger warning, and for good reason. 

While Jessie’s story is filled with traumatic experiences, sadness, and despair, it’s also filled with healing, joy, and hope for a bright future. 

Jessie bares her soul in the pages of this book. She takes the reader on a journey through her tumultuous childhood and into the uncertainty of her teenage years. 

Finally, the reader accompanies Jessie as she faces the challenges of young adulthood, which ends up characterized by abuse, depression, and darkness. 

But through it all, Jessie’s love and devotion to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ demonstrates how good will always triumph over evil, how faith will always win over doubt, and how God will always have the final say in every situation. 

The Goodness of God: The Eternal Legacy of Jessie Raum – It Ends With Me

We were honored when Jessie asked us to come alongside her and work with her to get her story out to the world. 

The book ghostwriting process is always different with every author. Jessie had many pictures, poems, songs, and other things she wanted to make sure were included. 

As Jessie learned, ghostwriting is definitely a partnership between the author and the ghostwriter. 

Jessie spent many days and nights feverishly writing the notes, which would soon become chapters in her book. 

We met frequently over Zoom to clarify her story and make any necessary edits to ensure Jessie’s book was always an accurate reflection of the events that took place in her life. 

And when it was all said and done, we customized and designed Jessie’s cover and published her very first book on Amazon KDP. 

I know I speak for the entire Colwell Creative team when I say – I hope this isn’t Jessie Raum’s last book! 

Ghostwriting is Our Passion! 

One thing is for sure – there’s nothing quite like hearing the excitement in a new author’s voice once their book has been published. 

At Colwell Creative, we are truly blessed to be a part of Jessie’s success in publishing her very first book. 

Are you ready to see your book in print? Contact us today.

…because the world needs to hear your story.

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