Building Your Brand From the Ground Up

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When Colwell Creative Content got its start, it was a team of one. Nicole, our CEO, functioned as a freelancer for many years. Over time, she added more services, brought on more team members, and the agency began to grow. 

Today, we have the ability to help brand-new business owners build their brands from the ground up. All they need is a business concept, and we can take it from there. 

Here’s a little insight into what that process might look like for you if you want to establish your new brand. 

Graphic Design – Creating Your Logo

We start with creating your business logo. Your logo will be the first thing people notice about your business and what they’ll recognize later on. It has to be just right because it’s going to determine everything else we do for you going forward. 

Take a look at these logos: 

Different logos from popular corporations

Chances are, you recognize all of them easily. 

We can design a logo for you that captures your vision for your business. We’ll work closely with you to find the right colors, font, shapes, etc. 

Once you’ve approved your final logo design, we’ll have more insight into the next step of building your brand, which is designing your business website. 

Website Design – Building Your Site

We offer a lot of options for website design. Our clients all have different needs, and many of them know what will work best for them. 

We work with a variety of platforms, including: 

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • SquareSpace

If you’re not sure, we can offer you our recommendation based on your budget, whether or not you want to be able to make changes yourself later on, and many other factors. 

We’ll talk with you about the elements that your page should include, such as: 

  • Homepage
  • About Us page
  • Contact Us page
  • Blog

And there may be additional recommendations too, such as: 

  • Location-specific web pages
  • Service pages
  • Product pages

We research your main competitors to find out what they’re including on their websites before we give you our recommendations for your site. This allows us to improve your Google rank and compete with other businesses within your space. 

Also, we can tailor your website design to meet your needs and budget. For example, you might not be able to completely build out your site right now and maybe you want to get started with something basic. We can absolutely do that and we’ll work with you to add additional pages in the months and years to come. 

We’re flexible! 

Website Content – Keywords, SEO, and Links

Once we know what pages you’d like on your site, we can start to focus on your website content

Years ago there was a saying – Content is King. That adage is still true, although its meaning has changed a lot since then. 

Today, Google looks for content that has been written for search engines and people. That means you need the right keywords to be included appropriately. No keyword stuffing allowed. This is what’s known as organic SEO

To create your website content, we’ll be studying your competitors once again. We’ll use tools like Ahrefs to determine the best keywords to use for your industry, location, and other factors. We’ll also use these tools to recommend the number of words you should have for each page, as well as how many headers, links, and images are needed. 

We also incorporate other SEO strategies into your content, such as ensuring your URLs are constructed correctly and titles and descriptions are included. We even make sure your images are labeled correctly so they line up with the goals of each webpage. 

Social Media – Establishing Your Business on the Proper Networks

Once your site is ready to go, we’re set to turn our attention toward your social media channels

The social media networks that are right for your business might not be the same as those that are right for another business. 

For example, if you are a salon, you might do really well with Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok. But if you have a medical practice, it’s probably best to focus our attention on Facebook and Twitter. 

There is a lot we can do for you as far as social media goes. We can brainstorm with you about the best approach, based on what you’re interested in pursuing. And our services go far beyond just setting up business pages and creating posts a few times a week. We can even: 

  • Establish and moderate a group for your brand.
  • Create ads for your business.
  • Help generate leads. 
  • Answer comments.
  • Create pins or graphics. 
  • Post on stories. 
  • Create videos for use on TikTok or Reels. 

Ongoing Marketing for Your Business

Finally, we’ll give you our recommendations for ongoing marketing. We’ll probably recommend that you post a blog post at least twice a month, and most likely every week. We’ll set up a spreadsheet with content ideas, additional pages you should consider adding, and ways to build out your site. And we can provide all of this for you. 

Additionally, we can help you build your brand even further by: 

In Conclusion

You’re in good hands with Colwell Creative Content. We can help you establish and build your brand from the very beginning. 

Are you opening a new business? Does your current business need a breath of fresh air? Talk with us about how we can help! Contact us today! 

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