Barbie: Marketing Done Right!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you’ve seen some sort of marketing for Barbie and you’re probably wondering if the world will soon run out of the bright Barbie pink color.

The Barbie pink has been seen by everyone for many months and there is a reason behind it.

The marketing for the Barbie movie was said to be budgeted at $150 million.

Reached for the Stars

The marketing team for the Barbie movie knew exactly what they were doing. The team thought of every possible way to advertise this movie and had some pretty creative ways of doing so.

The team ensured that every area was covered, and they set out to do the most.

According to a blog written on Medium, the movie used “traditional press [but also] creative out-of-home ads and experiential activations.”

How did They Advertise?

It may not be easy to see how much the marketing team worked to obtain such an easy and free-flowing advertisement. Here are some ways they successfully snuck in some advertisements without shoving them down consumers’ throats.

An out-of-home advertisement that was successfully used was “Instagram-worthy bus benches [and] traffic-stopping hot pink billboards.” This is an easy way to have everyday consumers advertise on their Instagram without even realizing the work they are doing and also ensures that people are consuming the ads.

Additionally, experiential advertising was used by building a “worlds of Barbie interactive experience in Los Angeles [and creating] pop-up Malibu Barbie Cafes in Chicago and New York City.” This allowed consumers to feel like they are a part of this movie.

The creators of Barbie had also teamed up with the hit show, The Bachelorette where the contestants had a Barbie sing-off group date, and also a Barbie-themed bake-off took place on the Food Network’s Summer Baking Championship.

The creators of Barbie also invited famous singers like Nicki Minaj, Ice Spice, and Dua Lipa onto the soundtrack of the movie to help with promotion even more.


While Barbie worked hard in marketing with the above tactics and more, one of the most significant tactics that allowed them to succeed the most was partnerships.

Many well-known brands found themselves with bright pink products during the marketing of Barbie. This was no mistake.

While partnerships not only help the film’s growth and awareness, they also help with the different companies’ production costs.

Some of the official partners include: 

  • Beauty: NYX Professional Makeup, OPI, Ulta Beauty
  • Fashion: Gap, Crocs, Forever 21
  • Food and beverage: Burger King, Pinkberry, Cold Stone Creamery
  • Home and travel: Progressive, Ruggable, Homesick Candles, Airbnb
  • Video games: Xbox, Candy Crush, Forza Horizon
  • Platforms: Google, Roku, Snapchat, Bumble
  • Auto: General Motors

These are just some companies that teamed up with the Barbie movie to advertise the movie and make the companies some extra cash.

Fake Partnerships

Some companies that did not legally partner up with the Barbie movie, started to produce their own unofficial pink products to try and grow their business.

These companies noticed how well marketing was going, they wanted a taste of success themselves.

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