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AI Editing Services

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In this day and age, we need to face facts - AI is here to stay. 


Many businesses are turning to programs like OpenAI to create their website content. 


However, this software has its flaws, and the content it produces often lacks a human touch. 


If you’re using AI for your website’s content, you’ll want to invest in an AI copyeditor to polish it before it gets uploaded to your website. 


While we don’t offer AI copy or content, we’ve worked with other clients to ensure their AI-generated text was fact-checked, error-free, and free from plagiarism. 

What Does an AI Copyeditor Do?


An AI copyeditor’s job is to refine AI-generated text to give it a more personal touch, optimize it for SEO, etc. 


Let’s take a look at an example. 


We asked ChatGPT to write an introduction for an article about recovering from alcohol addiction. This was the result we received: 


Alcohol addiction is a battle that millions of individuals around the world face. It can strip away one's happiness, relationships, and even their sense of self. However, within the depths of despair lies hope. The journey to recovery from alcohol addiction is not an easy one, but it is a path that can lead to profound transformation and the rediscovery of a life filled with purpose, joy, and sobriety.


In this article, we delve into the courageous and inspiring stories of those who have embarked on the path of recovery from alcohol addiction. It is a testament to the human spirit's resilience and the power of determination.


After AI copyediting, this is what the introduction looks like: 


Millions of people worldwide battle alcohol addiction. If you’re one of them, you’ve probably suffered many losses, including relationships, your job, and even your family. 


Fortunately, there is hope! You can enjoy sobriety and experience renewed purpose in your life. Recovery is possible with the right treatment and support.  


Here, we’ll listen to encouraging and inspiring stories of others who have walked the road of alcohol addiction recovery. We hope their stories encourage you to take the first step toward recovery. 


You’ll notice that the AI-generated copy is very generic and lacks human emotion. 


Your customers want to know you understand their problems and have solutions. The “human” element is necessary for you to communicate that to them. 


AI might be improving, but it hasn’t yet replaced human writers and editors. 

Do You Need AI Editing Services?


If you’ve decided AI gives you the best “bang for your buck,” the next step is to work with an AI copyeditor who can give your content the boost it needs. 


At Colwell Creative Content, Inc., our motto is Let’s Grow Your Business Together! And that’s exactly what we do. 


Let’s make AI work for your business! 


Contact us today to get started! 

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