4 Essential Tips to Take Your Digital Marketing to the Next Level

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Digital marketing involves all things digital including social media, websites, emails, and other places on the internet that can reach your customers. Whether you are new to digital marketing or an experienced marketing guru, these 4 tips will help you get to the next level of visibility. 

Enrich Your SEO Tags

If you aren’t a web developer, you may feel intimidated by terms like ‘meta description’ but rest assured, you do not need advanced training to check these settings. Each page on a website has “meta description” and “meta title” tags that are invisible to users but Google and other search engines rely on to find your page. 

These two tags should be unique on each page on your website. They should be highly descriptive but not too lengthy. Avoid generic descriptions to get the best results. For more about meta tags, visit Google’s SEO Starter Guide

Content is King 

Tags are important for website visibility but even more critical is the actual content that will be viewed by users. Search engines like to return high-quality results to their users. This means referencing well-organized and content-laden pages. 

Search engines will scan your pages for keywords to determine how relevant the content is to the user. Use Google’s Keyword Planner or another similar tool for help figuring out which key terms and phrases are searched the most. 

Having your content organized in an easily readable format is one of the criteria used by search engines. Most people find long passages hard to read.

Use titles and headings to identify sections. Keep paragraphs short with 2 or sentences maximum. Being able to use a bulleted list is a bonus.

These guidelines are also good to follow when composing e-mail campaigns or social media posts. 

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Mobile phones are now the most popular type of device used, outcompeting desktops and tablets. Your website may look and function well on a desktop but what about your mobile version? 

Ensure that mobile users are able to view the content of your page in a way that is also user-friendly. 

Make your website mobile-friendly by choosing a Responsive Design, using Dynamic Serving, or creating a separate URL for a mobile version. 

Use the Google Mobile-Friendly Test page to see if your website has any red flags for mobile users. 

Design Graphics with Screens in Mind 

Whether you design all of your graphics yourself or use a graphic designer, be sure to create graphics that suit mobile screens. 

This means using a large font that is easy to read and keeping elements to a minimum. Try to use one or two fonts at most, and make them recognizable to your brand. 

A busy graphic can be a turnoff for users when scrolling. Sometimes, a simpler design is more inviting. 

Key Takeaways

Making sure your digital marketing is mobile and SEO friendly are simple improvements all companies should take the time to review. Little tweaks to your digital strategy can result in improved engagement and translate to a greater ROI. 

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