3 Reasons to Work with a Local Advertising Agency

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A few days ago, we had the opportunity to sit down with the owners of a local contracting company in Watkins Glen. They needed the entire brand treatment and we were excited to talk with them about their goals and the best ways to accomplish them. 

That meeting sparked the idea for this blog post. But the question remains…

Why should you choose to work with a local advertising agency instead of opting for a larger company with a huge, impressive portfolio of work? 

Let’s answer that question right now. 

Reason #1: There’s Just No Substitute for a Face-to-Face Meeting

Call us old-fashioned, but we believe that whenever possible, it’s best to have face-to-face meetings with our clients. 

Now, we understand that it’s not always possible to sit down and share a cup of coffee with someone before taking on their website design project. However, it’s always beneficial when it is possible. 

In an in-person meeting, you can get to know the person you’re talking to on a more personal level. Zooms are great, and it’s nice that we have that technology. But you can tell so much more about a person when you look them directly in the eye. 

You can consider their body language, eye contact, etc. The reality is that not everyone is honest and face-to-face meetings will help you figure out if a person you’re talking to is honest or not a lot faster. 

Reason #2: Local Advertisers Care

You may know a lot of local businesses that are really active in their communities. For example, the restaurant that participates in the area’s weekly farmers market in the spring and summer, or the massage therapist who donates her time to the town’s hockey team. 

The bottom line is that local advertisers care about the communities they live in. They want them to be the best they can be. 

Your local digital marketing company is excited to not only help you get your new menu up on your website; they’re also eager to sit down and enjoy a great meal at your restaurant. 

Your success is their success, and that’s how it should be.

Reason #3: Better Insight Into Your Competition

When you work with a local advertising company, they probably know a lot more about your competition than you do. 

Why? Because they’ve seen what your competitors are doing and have probably been watching them for a lot longer. 

A local agency is also less likely to offer their services to one of your competitors after finishing up your project too. But they’ll know just how to help you rank higher than them on search engines and how to improve your Facebook page so it surpasses your competition too. 

Colwell Creative Content, Inc. is Your Local Advertising Agency!

Not everyone knows this, but everything we do at Colwell Creative Content, Inc. is done locally. We never contract with writers through platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. Instead, we work with our own, in-house contracted writers and other professionals. Most of them are people we see at least once a month in person. 

Want to see our team? Visit our Creative Team page! 

Need professional printing done? We’ll happily refer you to our partners over at Copy Express on Water Street in Elmira. 

And when you’re a local business in need of marketing help, we’re happy to pay your establishment a visit, buy lunch, and chat with you about your needs and how we can help. 

Integrity is a value that often gets lost in the world we live in today. We’re doing our part to keep it alive. So the only question that remains is…

What are your digital marketing needs? Want to talk with professionals who have been doing this for happy clients for the last 11 years? 

Contact us and Let’s Grow Your Business Together! 

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