2024 SEO Update: Is Your Content Helpful? 

The 2024 SEO update from Google has made a few things very clear. 

  1. Your business website is now being evaluated for the unique value it brings to your audience and how helpful your content is
  2. Expertise is vitally important, which means authors with actual names should be featured. 
  3. Original data and valuable insights are highly regarded. 

The question is – what does this mean for your business? 

Don’t be Afraid of the 2024 SEO Update

First things first – take a deep breath. 

Google’s 2024 SEO update is nothing to be afraid of. 

Will it require some work on your part? Yes. But it’s nothing some content tweaks won’t fix. 

Although keywords are still vitally important for quality SEO and your Google rank, your entire site needs to provide value to your readers. 

It used to be that just blog posts were under scrutiny for their value, but now that your entire site is under the microscope, it may need some changes to continue to rank well. 

Let’s talk about some of the steps you should take right away. 

Ensure Each Page is Helpful

If your business is like most others, your web pages have historically been set up to sell. 

There’s nothing wrong with sales pages, but what value do they bring to your readers and website visitors? 

You can make your pages more helpful in a few different ways, such as: 

  • Embedding some YouTube videos. 
  • Adding some FAQs.
  • Giving some statistics.
  • Including testimonials from some of your customers or clients. 
  • Providing detailed information about your products or services. 

Ensure Each Page is User-Friendly

Building a helpful website is about more than just the content you can see on the page. 

It’s also about improving the user experience. Ask yourself these questions: 

  • Does my site load as fast as possible? 
  • Do my pages have broken links? 
  • Are there huge images that don’t need to be there? 
  • Do I have long bulleted lists that could be re-purposed? 

Include Situational Content

Nix the formality of the classic web page and speak to your audience through your content conversationally. 

Kind of like how I’m doing in this blog post. 

Then, address your audience as the expert you (hopefully) are. Give them actionable steps to help them solve problems. 

And if those steps don’t work, invite them to try something different such as, (insert alternative step here). 

AI can’t produce this type of content, but you don’t want a site filled with AI anyway (at least I hope you don’t). 

What are Some Industry-Specific Ways to Implement the 2024 SEO Update? 

As you’re aware, every industry is different as far as what’s valuable. 

Not only that, but each business will need a unique website audit to diagnose and correct any issues. 

But because we work with businesses in multiple industries, we thought it might be helpful to provide some quick examples of changes some of the businesses we work with could make ASAP. 

  • General contractors could provide cost estimations on their site for builds of various sizes, including labor and materials. 
  • Addiction treatment programs could provide testimonial videos from former patients explaining their rehab experiences. 
  • Real estate agents could include regularly updated interest rates for their service areas. 
  • Churches could include easily accessible sermon downloads or links to YouTube videos of live-streamed services. 
  • Life coaches could provide helpful tips on how to reduce stress and get more accomplished in a day. 

The options are endless. It just takes some outside-the-box thinking and putting yourself in your customers’ shoes. 

What do they want to see on your site? What do they find valuable? 

Are You Ready for the 2024 SEO Update? 

At Colwell Creative, we’re here to help if you’re struggling with improving your business website. 

When Google updates the algorithm, everyone scrambles to keep up with the changes. So you’re definitely not alone. 

If you’re ready to take the next step and get some help to improve your website’s performance and rank, you can count on us. 

Contact us today! 

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