10 Reasons You Should Invest in Digitally Transforming Your Business

We live in the age of technology. For companies to continue bringing in money and consumers, they must make technological advances to stay relevant. We have compiled a list of 10 reasons you should digitally invest in your company.

1. Around 92 percent of People Watch Videos on the Internet Every Week

This means that postal and print media is a less effective and inefficient method of advertisement and customer help.

2. The Majority of Young People in this Generation have never Mailed a Letter

The future is in the current generation. We are in the age of technology and to stay relevant and bring in more clients businesses and companies need to evolve with the rest of the world.

3. Most People are Entirely Reliant on their Cellular Devices

80 percent of people check their phones immediately after waking up and 62 percent of people sleep with their phones. This is evidence that the world is utterly obsessed with its devices. 

This is just another reason companies will bring in more clients if they utilize the many resources that help to digitally transform your business. These changes will help you stay relevant and accessible.

4. The Covid-19 Pandemic Forced the Digital Acceleration of Businesses on a Very Rapid Scale

Some companies have evolved at such a rapid rate that was not expected for another 10 years. This is how businesses need to continue working to be able to build up a reliable client base.

5. Companies that have a More Digitally Inclined Team of Executives Outrank their Competition by 48 percent

Again, consumers choose companies that are the most relevant. In terms of revenue and sales companies that are more digitally inclined, therefore being more relevant, outweigh their competitors.

6. Companies that Invest in Technology such as Help Bots and Automatic Call Systems are More Successful

You are more likely to build a larger customer base by investing in software that allows you to use less manpower but bring in a larger client base.

7. Digital Transformation Leads to Financial Success

Your business is more likely to succeed financially (which tends to be the #1 goal of businesses) when you take advantage of the digital advertising, help, and financial aid that is offered by most digital software companies.

8. Ecommerce and Online Stores’ Average Revenue has Overcome Print Sales

Companies are making more online sales now than ever before. The amount of money brought in by companies such as Amazon surpasses the amount brought on by advertising with other methods.

9. In the Past Year, More Businesses have Started to Invest in a Plethora of Digital Assistance

The most invested in our company website optimization, digital media and search, and marketing technology. These all assist in the portion of a technology transformation that pertains to consumers. These changes will ultimately bring in more revenue for the company. 

10. Over ⅓ of the Population Consists of People under 20

The majority of consumers are younger people meaning they are more likely to buy into technologically advanced companies. This makes digitally transforming your business necessary for the continuation of sales.

In conclusion, digitally transforming and investing in your business is essential to continue building your client base and staying relevant. Contact Colwell Creative Content today for a quote and get started on digitally transforming your business! 

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